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  San Miguel is one of the oldest haciendas in the Yucatan Peninsula, its construction dates from the sixteenth century a few years after the founding of Valladolid in 1542, when Mr. Gaspar González colonizer of Valladolid, the council receives all grounds encomendero Pixoy village as land with its inhabitants (Roy 1557 page 109) until 1606 when his son Esteban Gonzalez de Najera inherited from his father, and acquires the parcel Uayma that of becoming the owner of the whole area west of the city.
  We assume that to avoid conflicts with native populations both decided to settle in a place between, on the side of the road that joins them, so arises San Miguel. This happens in the middle of the seventeenth century by the time it takes the Ferris wheel drill for water, build the first house, build corrals, wells to supply their workers and families who settled there for the cultivation of the land, at that time, was corn, beans, seed, cotton, sugarcane, honey, wood and others, as well as birds and cattle and horses as they would have to be self-sufficient in power consumption and sell the balance to survive.
  It runs the XVII and XVIII no records of its evolution, which no doubt was growing as the remains that to this day there and showing the dimension reached by the number of dwellings. It was in 1847 (XIX century) when we heard from San Miguel, because in the military during the war parties caste mention of bloody battles fought at the Hacienda, which indicates the outcome of the transaction, that St. Miguel fell to the rebels, who sacrificed their population and burned all the buildings leaving the farm desolate without knowing if the owners fled or were killed with the other inhabitants.
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